June 23rd Recap

June 23rd Meeting Recap

June 23rd | Diego Rodriguez

The meeting at the Idaho State Capitol on June 23rd has now passed. It was somewhat disappointing, but still a positive step forward.

  • It was disappointing that it was necessary in the first place.
  • It was disappointing that so few legislators attended.
  • It was disappointing that official business was not able to be carried out.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of positive “take-aways” from the event that took place today. First of all, let me give you a recap:


Fifteen legislators from all over the state of Idaho came together to meet in the House Chambers and express their grievance with Governor Brad Little and his executive orders. Representative Vito Barbieri read a multi-page proclamation, which read in the form of a resolution, and that ultimately called on the entire legislature to meet for a special session (what in Idaho is called an “extraordinary session”).

The legislators in attendance were:

Vito Barbieri, Dalton Gardens
Judy Boyle, Midvale
Chad Christensen, Ammon
Brent Crane, Nampa
Mike Kingsley, Lewiston
Terry Gestrin, Donnelly
Priscilla Giddings, White Bird
Ron Mendive, Coeur d'Alene
Dorothy Moon, Stanley
Tammy Nichols, Middleton
Tim Remington, Coeur d'Alene
Heather Scott, Blanchard
Paul Shepherd, Riggins
Tony Wisniewski, Post Falls
Christy Zito, Hammett

After the official proclamation was read, all 15 legislators took turns expressing their concerns and frustrations with Governor Brad Little’s executive orders and abuses of power. The video will be posted here on this website shortly.

The meeting was also attended by nearly 300 citizens sitting in the gallery, who were generally all supporting the actions of the legislators.


Generally speaking, the constituents in the gallery were expecting a true resolution to be passed by the legislators in the meeting; however, only a “proclamation” was made. While it was not the ultimate hope or desire for many, it was still a positive step forward because it does the following 4 things:

1. It allegedly still holds injunctive power meaning the legislators should be able to get an injunction against the Governor and prevent him from spending the rest of the $1.25 billion without legislative oversight. This, at least, is what we’ve been told and we’re still waiting to see if this argument is valid…

2. Much like citizens have the right to make a redress of grievances, so does the legislature, and this is the way members of the legislature can petition for a redress of grievances.

3. The proclamation made by the legislators today also lays the groundwork and creates a pathway for the legislators to address their concerns with the courts.

4. Ultimately, if nothing else, the meeting carries weight because it advances public awareness about the Governor’s overreach and his unconstitutional actions. Furthermore, it corrects the false narrative that legislators are in support of Governor Little.

Public opinion is important, and in many ways, the MOST IMPORTANT part of any grass-roots efforts to prevent government abuses and tyranny. So while the meeting on June 23rd was supposed to be a true “legislative session,” and ended up being only a meeting of frustrated legislators to voice their opinions and publicly make an official “proclamation,” it was still meaningful and a positive step in the right direction.

So, this begs the question…what now? What is next?

Well, freedom loving constituents must continue to fight against the tyranny of our Governor. This can and should be done on an individual level. Additionally, the Freedom Man PAC and other liberty minded organizations and concerned citizens will continue to press forward to protect, promote, and advance the cause of freedom here in Idaho. Stay tuned for the “next big thing…”

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