Everything You Need to Know About the Special Legislative Session on June 23rd in Boise, ID

There will be a special legislative session held on June 23rd at the Boise State Capitol. There are many events that led up to this session being held and a summary of those events are listed below:

Multiple Groups and Concerned Citizens Petitioned the Governor and Legislators

The case against Idaho’s Governor, Brad Little, has already been made multiple times. This website explains his unconstitutional and immoral actions: Brad Little is a Disgrace Website

As a consequence, citizens and concerned freedom based organizations have responded by holding rallies, protests, making direct contact with legislators, petitioning the Governor with a redress of grievances, and more. There is even a current effort to recall the Governor and permanently remove him from office. The Governor has ignored the people and has unconstitutionally ignored the people’s constitutional redress of grievances.

Ultimately, after thoroughly researching Idaho law and state statutes, it was determined that the legislative branch of Idaho’s government has the power to overturn the Governor’s unconstitutional and immoral executive orders.

To this end, multiple organizations and concerned citizens, including the Freedom Man PAC, have been pushing the legislature to meet on June 23rd to address the following important issues:

1. To rescind the Governor’s unconstitutional and immoral executive orders, restoring our Constitutionally required republican form of government, and restoring parental rights that were suspended by the Governor.

2. Ensuring legislative oversight for the spending of the $1.25 billion given to the state of Idaho by the Federal Government.

3. Amending the Governor’s emergency powers in Idaho law so that they may never be used as cover to violate the people’s Constitutional rights again.

The Push for the Legislative Session

On June 1st, 2020, the Freedom Man PAC sent out the following email to all 105 members of the Idaho State Legislature, urging them to have a special session according to Idaho State Law: 1st Email to Legislators

We also sent the same letter along with multiple proofs concerning Idaho law and the need for a special session in the mail (USPS). A copy of the packet sent to each legislator can be downloaded here: Letter to Legislators (PDF)

The emails and addresses used can be downloaded in this spreadsheet: Idaho Legislature Contact Spreadsheet

We also sent out a blast email to all Freedom Man PAC subscribers explaining the importance of the June 23rd session and detailing the rules and laws that had been suspended and that put parental rights and Constitutional law in a continued state of jeopardy: Email to Idaho Citizens

We followed up with a secondary email on June 8th requesting a response from all legislators by Friday, June 12th. You can download this email here: Followup Email

All legislators' responses were posted and are still live here on our website: Legislators in Attendance on June 23rd

“Leadership” in the Legislature Fights Back

Citizens across Idaho began calling on their legislators to have this session on June 23rd, but legislative “leadership,” does not want to have this session. They prefer to act powerless so they can pretend that they are on the side of the people, but powerless to do anything about it. This is a lie and blatantly false.

In any event, Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke had Bill Myers, an attorney from Holland and Hart Law firm write up a “legal opinion” stating that the June 23rd session was illegal and unconstitutional. It was a laughable, “grasping at straws,” legal opinion that was so evidently created with bias and direction from house leadership, that it couldn’t be taken seriously by anyone with common sense.

Nevertheless, many legislators were scared and intimidated by this “legal opinion.” You can download this legal opinion and read it for yourself here: Bill Myers Legal Opinion

Fortunately, another law firm also reviewed the legality of the June 23rd session and came to the conclusion that “the Legislature’s convocation of a special session on June 23, 2020 to address issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s related proclamations and executive orders is authorized by, and consistent with, the Idaho Constitution.”

You can read this more thorough and unbiased legal opinion here: StateCraft Legal Opinion

One Last Push

Consequently, the Freedom Man PAC, along with several other freedom-based organizations, and thousands of concerned Idaho citizens have been making one final push to have their legislators attend this session and address the 3 concerns noted above.

On June 17th, the Freedom Man PAC sent out the following email to all members of the Idaho State Legislature who had not yet agreed to attend:
Dear [Legislator's Name] -

There will be a legislative session held at the Boise Capitol on June 23rd. As of now, you have not responded to indicate that you will be in attendance. Accordingly, we have noted that you will not be attending on our website here:

Of course, you can change your mind at anytime and attend the legislative session on June 23rd.
This session will take place, with or without your attendance. So before you make your final decision, on behalf of your constituents in your district, we would like to ask you 3 final questions:

1. Do you feel confident that you have upheld your vow?

As a member of the Idaho State Legislature, you made a vow to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Idaho. At this moment, we are living under and have experienced the greatest abridgment and usurpation of Constitutional rights in the history of our country.

Since you made a vow to defend the Constitution, do you feel confident that you have done everything in your power to defend it during the moment of its greatest violation(s)? Can you look your children and grandchildren in the eye and say confidently that, when you had the power to do something about our freedoms being lost and the Constitution being violated, that you did everything possible to undo it and prevent it from happening again?

Rather, how would you answer the question,
what have you done so far to defend the Constitution according to your vow? Is your only answer, “I decided to wait until January?”

Make no mistake about it, this is the 21st century and modern technology ensures that every action or inaction will be remembered, recorded, and published for posterity’s sake. The action or lack of action you take right now will be published and your name will be attached to the respective action you take in this moment. Your posterity will know exactly how you responded to Constitutional violations in 2020.

So, are you confident that you are doing everything possible to uphold your vow? Will you be proud to tell your current constituents and your future posterity how you responded?

Ecclesiastes 5:5 It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it.

2. Do you trust more in common sense or in “expert legal opinions”?

By now you have had a chance to review 2 separate “expert legal opinions” regarding the session on June 23rd. One of them, written by Bill Myers of the Holland and Hart law firm, is so blatantly biased that it is laughable. It is beyond obvious that this legal opinion was directed to be written with the conclusion already determined in advance. Even still, this legal opinion admits that interpreting the statement in Idaho Statute § 46-1008, “The legislature by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time to mean that the Legislature may call itself into special session literally “at any time” to review and even rescind the Governor’s emergency powers is “one, but not the best, interpretation of the sentence.”

A second legal opinion provided by Kory Langhofer and Thomas Basile of the Statecraft Law Firm provides a much more robust legal opinion—citing Idaho case law and providing a more thorough legal basis for its conclusion—does ultimately conclude that there are at least 3 legal avenues for convening a legislative session on June 23rd. This opinion expressly concludes that,
“the Legislature’s convocation of a special session on June 23, 2020 to address issues arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Governor’s related proclamations and executive orders is authorized by, and consistent with, the Idaho Constitution.”

In short, two separate “expert legal opinions” provide two completely different conclusions regarding the convening of a special session on June 23rd. So, who will you believe? What does your gut say?

And do you really need a lawyer’s opinion in order for you to do your job? Do you feel that you need an unelected and unaccountable lawyer to explain to you what the plain meaning of this sentence is:
“The legislature by concurrent resolution may terminate a state of disaster emergency at any time”?

Isn’t your common sense sufficient to interpret those words?

Let us remember, that an expert legal opinion in San Jose, California
determined that the Declaration of Independence was unconstitutional and must be removed from the wall of a public school because of the “separation of church and state.” (Remember, the Declaration of Independence mentions God multiple times.) So do you really put your confidence in “expert legal opinions” over your own God-given common sense?

3. Who do you respect more—your constituents or “leadership”?

We understand that leadership in both houses are pressing hard to prevent you from attending the special session on June 23rd. In some cases, they are even using threats and political bullying to scare and intimidate you. That is unfortunate. But, your constituents are expecting you to do the right thing. Your constituents want you in session representing them on June 23rd. We are simply and humbly asking you to do the job that you were elected to do. And on behalf of your constituents in your district, I am even asking that you would pray and make your decision with the fear of God and not man (Acts 5:29).

Finally, please note that our PAC has one overriding purpose and one primary source of achieving that purpose. Our purpose is to
“Promote and advance the principles of liberty and freedom anywhere and everywhere in the world.” The primary method we use to achieve this goal is by publishing facts in all manners and mediums possible.

Official records regarding this time in history will be kept by the Idaho State Government, various news organizations, and others. Additionally, the Freedom Man PAC, on behalf of your constituents in District [custom 2] will proactively publish, in accordance with our stated purpose, your current actions and/or inactions, directly to and for the voters in your district. In other words, we will ensure that your voting constituents are not ignorant of how you represent them during this “crisis.”

We hope and pray that you will reconsider your decision to not attend the June 23rd legislative session at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise.

Written by Diego Rodriguez
on behalf of the Freedom Man PAC
This email was also sent in printed format via USPS on June 18th.

The Legislative Session and the People’s Rally

The legislative session will take place on June 23rd at the Boise State Capitol. We have concerns that Governor Brad Little will try to lock the legislators out of the Capitol, or that Speaker Bedke will try to lock the doors to the House Chambers.

The Capitol and the House Chambers belong to the people. We must do everything in our power to ensure that these doors are open for the Idaho Legislators to do their job and perform their solemn duty.

Please continue to contact your legislators NOW and demand that they attend the session on June 23rd. It is their duty and responsibility. Otherwise, why should they get paid? Why should you allow them to represent you?

You can find the contact information for your 3 legislators here: https://legislature.idaho.gov/legislators/whosmylegislator/

Additionally, please join with us at the Boise State Capitol on June 23rd at 8:00 am in support of all legislators who are trying to do their job and restore Constitutional Law in Idaho.
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Download the Legal Opinions Regarding the June 23rd Legislative Session:

Bill Myers False Opinion (Holland & Hart)

StateCraft Opinion (Objective and More Robust)
9169 W State St. Suite 3177
Boise, ID 83714
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