Laws That Were Broken By All Government Agencies Involved in the Kidnapping of Baby Cyrus

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Laws Broken by Police, CPS, and Others When Kidnapping Baby Cyrus:

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You can watch the videos yourself and see that the actions taken by police officers under the direction of CPS/Idaho Department of Health and Welfare did not obey §16-601. Baby Cyrus was snatched out of his mother's arms, was taken out of his home and the privacy and unity of the family was not preserved even though it was more than "possible."

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There was not a written or oral testimony from a physician that has been provided as evidence in this case that Baby Cyrus's "life was greatly endangered" by simply being with his own parents.

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The Parental Rights Act was completely disregarded and disobeyed. Section 6 above notes that the Idaho State Government only has permission to interfere with Parental Rights if the "strict scrutiny standard" provided in Section 32-1013 is satisfied.

Well that "strict scrutiny standard" reads as follows

32-1013. INTERFERENCE WITH FUNDAMENTAL PARENTAL RIGHTS RESTRICTED. (1) Neither the state of Idaho, nor any political subdivision thereof, may violate a parent’s fundamental and established rights protected by this act, and any restriction of or interference with such rights shall not be upheld unless it demonstrates by clear and convincing evidence that the restriction or interference is both:
(a) Essential to further a compelling governmental interest; and
(b) The least restrictive means available for the furthering of that compelling governmental interest.

How was kidnapping Baby Cyrus essential to further a compelling government interest? And how is kidnapping him and terminating parental rights the "least restrictive means of furthering" that non-existent "compelling governmental interest."

This law was broken, plain and simple.
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