March 16th - St. Luke's Doctor Clears Baby Cyrus Medically to be with Levi and Marissa

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St. Luke's Doctor Clears Baby Cyrus Medically to be with Levi and Marissa:

Here is the partial transcription from the Medical Doctor at St. Luke's who called Levi (the message was over 7 minutes long, the part below is just the portion relevant to this update):

Doctor from St. Luke's to Levi Anderson on March 15th, 2022:
"I have great news regarding Cyrus. His weight has continued to increase…which is really good news. He’s actually been tolerating taking breastmilk from a bottle. He has had no further vomiting.

In talking things over with the team, we haven’t identified any really serious medical condition that is causing him to have trouble gaining weight. The thinking is he got behind on his nutrition [from the vomiting], and then his breastfeeding was just burning so many calories that he just couldn’t keep up, so he kind of got behind, and by getting his nutrition up again and by getting some of that strength up, there’s good reason for optimism that he will be able to keep his nutrition up by taking a bottle or by breastfeeding.

Our team is thinking right now that taking breastmilk through a bottle right now is working really well, and that’s a great place to help keep his nutrition up, gradually increasing the amount of actual breastfeeding he is doing.

So what is it that puts him at a spot where he’s ready for discharge?
He’s hit all of those medical goals that would typically allow for a discharge. From a medical standpoint, he is medically stable for a medical discharge. And we’ve let our state partners know that that is the case and it's really going to be up to them.

Hopefully we can get Cyrus back to you as quickly as the state will allow."
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