April 3rd - Adjudicatory Hearing Postponed

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April 3rd - Adjudicatory Hearing Postponed

We know everyone has been waiting to hear about what is going to happen and what we should do to prepare for the upcoming adjudicatory hearing on April 8th.

Well, it turns out they’ve postponed it. Now, on April 8th, Cyrus’s attorneys will have some sort of “pre-trial hearing” with the prosecutors and Child-Trafficker-in-Chief Judge Laurie Fortier, to determine WHEN the adjudicatory hearing will actually be set for. We will keep everyone posted as soon as we have updated information.

Grandpa Diego Rodriguez

P.S. We’ve uncovered some very shocking and disturbing information about some of the police officers who were part of the kidnapping and additional foul-play, incompetence, and major failures to obey the law on behalf of many. We’ll be sending out detailed information regarding what we’ve uncovered all week long. Get ready to lose your lunch and to feel some genuine and well-placed righteous indignation. Unless we expose everything and unless WE THE PEOPLE act and react accordingly, what happened to Baby Cyrus can happen to anyone. No child is safe. Literally, nobody.
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