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Government Disinformation is PROVEN REAL

August 1st, 2022
Recently, the Biden Administration came under fire for creating what appeared to be its own Ministry of Truth, that it called the Disinformation Governance Board. It sounds straight out of the fictional writings of Orwell, but it's real.
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My Response to the Idaho Statesman Regarding the St. Luke's Lawsuit

June 30th, 2022
Yesterday I received another text message from an Idaho Statesman reporter about news reports regarding the lawsuit from St. Luke's hospital against me and Ammon Bundy…
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Yesterday's Roe V. Wade Miracle

June 25th, 2022
Yes, the disastrous Supreme Court case, Roe V. Wade, which effectively made the murder of innocent babies a protected legal “right” in all 50 states, was finally overturned…
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Thank God for My Dad

June 19th, 2022
On this Father’s Day 2022, in the midst of a generation of insanity, I want to say THANK GOD FOR MY DAD! I think of all the pansy, effeminate, weak kneed, politically correct, fearful, whining, moaning, complaining, and…
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The Fake Food Crisis

May 25th, 2022
So you've probably heard that America is about to have a food crisis, right? Anyhow, I want you to know something that nobody is telling you—there is no food shortage as a result of lack or food production…
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High School - 1957 vs 2022

May 23rd, 2022
Take a look at this comparison of 8 different scenarios from 1957 compared to 2022. See if you think America has changed…
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St Luke's is Suing Us for Exposing Them

May 16th, 2022
Last week I got a text from a reporter at the Idaho Statesman asking me about a lawsuit with St. Luke's hospital. And yes, it is true, St. Luke's Hospital is suing me, Ammon Bundy, and other entities they allege that Ammon and I control…
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Why Do They Hate Ammon Bundy So Much?

April 8th, 2022
To see injustice and pure vitriol by wicked authorities over a man like Ammon Bundy, it brings to mind the obvious question—why do they hate Ammon so much…
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The Night Watchman

March 28th, 2022
Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard in the middle of a desert. Congress said, "Someone may steal from it at night." So they created a night watchman position and hired a person for the job…
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Open Letter to Meridian Police Chief Chief Tracy Basterrechea and Ada County Sheriff Matt Clifford

March 22nd, 2022 / by Diego Rodriguez
On March 11th, my grandson was forcefully kidnapped by Meridian Police Detectives who were aided and abetted by Meridian Police Officers whom you two are protecting and defending...
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Baby Cyrus Was KIDNAPPED!!!

March 12th, 2022 / by Diego Rodriguez
Last night, my Grandson, Cyrus Anderson, was ripped from the arms of his mother (my daughter), by police officers from the Meridian Police Department. It was a kidnapping, pure and simple!
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How the First Amendment Protects the Marginalized and Saves Lives

February 27th, 2022 / by Connor Vasile
With the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics now underway, concerns over China’s treatment of the Uyghurs have come back into public light. While many voice outrage over the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of ethnic minorities, some choose to ignore the crisis or flat out state that “no one cares about human rights abuses in China.”
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Taxation Isn't Theft (It's Armed Robbery)

February 7th, 2022 / by Connor Boyack
There are three different terms law enforcement will use to describe crimes in which private property is stolen. Theft is the simplest: it entails the action of stealing.
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Meet the Bidens—First Family of the USA

January 26th, 2022
How well do you know Joe Biden and his family? What do you know about his kids and their…ahem…relationships? We just published an article about the first family that I’m sure will make you so excited and proud to have this man as your leader. Obviously, I’m being sarcastic…
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All Polls Show Brad Little is in the Lead

January 15th, 2022
Idaho Polls have historically been terrible at predicting accurate numbers when it comes to final elections. This is for a number of factors, but probably chief among them is the fact that conservative "right wing" Constitutional voters don't typically respond to polls or surveys, and as a percentage, don't often show up to vote…
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Federal Government Building a Database of Religious Objectors to Vaccine Mandates

January 13th, 2022
Well this is scary. It appears that the Biden administration has sneakily introduced a new policy to begin collecting and building a database of people who have requested a religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccines…
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Good That Will Come from COVID Scam Part 2

January 3rd, 2022
Back in April of 2020, nearly 2 years ago, I wrote an article describing a few things that would come about as a result of the COVID scam. And now that we have lived through a virtual worldwide nightmare since it all began, it is even harder now to imagine GOOD THINGS coming from all of this nonsense….
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